I didn’t win..

well, I didn’t win the fitbit challenge between my sister in law and me. yesterday, I didn’t post my weight loss update, I was to busy running around trying to get steps in. I ended up taking a walk thru town. I told my bf if I’m not back in an hour to come looking for me due to it being late and my phone was about dead. yes I know stupid, but I needed steps! when I came home he had his shoes on and ready to come find me. he headed to bed while I worked out and did my 30 minutes from couch to 3k. him going to bed before me is a rare thing. usually it’s me going to bed. I tried to do a dance fitness video from YouTube, but I don’t know if it’s my coordinate or I was just to tired. I watch the video multiple times and thought yeah I can do it. I totally was not doing it. when I have done Zumba I do fine, so I’m not sure what the problem was. 
today (saturday), as a family we walked three miles. I figured that I’m not really taking a day off the couch to 3k since I still walked and worked out. 

tomorrow is weigh in… I’m scared. I feel like I’m losing inches..but I need a number to decrease!!

hopefully I keep up the good eating habits tomorrow at my mom’s Easter !


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