book reviews


I love a good mystery. especially mystery that keeps the pages turning and me constantly going what?!?!?

everyone dreams about living a minimalist lifestyle. to just give all your possessions away and live only on enough in a suitcase. the girl before is about two girls, Emma and Jane. Emma is the first girl. she moves into a house created by the unique Edward. his house is all about minimalist and technology. to live in his house, you must first pass the application and interview. then comes the weird rules. 

the girl before is a mystery about Edward, the house, Emma and Jane. see Emma was “murdered” in the house before Jane moved in. now Jane lives in the house and finds out that a lot of people, activities, and experiences are the same that happened to Emma. Jane decides to find out exactly what happened to the girl before it happens to her.

this book is by far a page turner. it took me a while to get into it, I think i just needed to sit down and start reading. once I did I found out I couldn’t put it down. the book is wrote in the perspectives of Emma and Jane. the now and then. you see the stories play out in the same sequence but different times. at times you think you know exactly what is going on and then the next you are grasping for understanding that you were totally wrong. I hope anyone that loves psychological thrillers reads this book!

the book picture was today. the boys went fishing and I was reading at the picnic table. wonderful day to read a book. 


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