Trying not to take a nap,day six

I ended up taking a pto day at work due to our doctor being out and overstaffed. my plan was to clean the house, laundry, dishes, animal cages and exercise. after going to Wal-Mart for Easter basket junk, I  came home with no motivation. 

I looked at the dishes and laundry needing done and ran into the living room. I wanted to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a book, and twiggy. twiggy, btw, is my hedgehog who loves to cuddle. 

laying on couch usually leads to a nap. I wanted a nap so much that I was even looking at my phone calculating if I feel asleep now I would have 3 hours till the kid gets home from school.

instead, I put on a hallmark movie and did my day six of couch to 5k. I am on the second week. you walk briskly for 5 minutes, jog for 90 seconds, and walk for 2 minutes. I felt great afterwards. I was pumped and ready to go. after the kid got home from school, we walked to Redbox to return monster truck. one mile down. then after dinner we walked to the post office then the bf brothers house. one mile down. 

I stuck very close to my meal plan. no cheating. I’m excited to weigh in on Sunday to see if I have lost any. I am worried about this weekend with the holiday. we have a meal on Saturday and Sunday with family. It will be a challenge to stick to my correct measurements. 

I have strength and motivation to make sure I do not over do it. 


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