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Time of death-Lucy Kerr

time of death book

Lately, I have been on a mystery binge. I don’t know why I have not been reading mysteries all along. usually I stick to the chick lit or romance series. but mystery and suspense subjects are becoming my next favorite thing.

Time of death by Lucy Kerr was a book that I was instantly drawn to. Mostly due to the fact that the main character is a nurse.

ER nurse Frankie returns home after 12 years working in Chicago. She is called back home when her sister seeks her help when she is pregnant. The decision to return home, normally would be an easy no. But this time she says yes, to escape from a relationship that ended in Chicago.

When she arrives at Stillwater General to see her sister, she is faced with a situation that she knows that she can not walk away from, saving a man’s life. Clem Jensen is having a heart attack and no one in the ER steps up to help Frankie. She takes things into her own hands and saves his life. Little does she know, Clem ends up passing away the next day. Frankie knows something is off and just accepts it until the hospital accuses her of killing Clem.

The need to solve the mystery of why Clem died, drives Frankie to start investigating on her own. 

Throw in a bit of romance, a family dilemma, and a little action and you have a nice cozy read. I was able to finish this book in about three days.

In short, I like the book. I would recommend it to anyone that would like a good mystery book that isn’t to in depth. I felt a little baffled by some of the things that Frankie did. Especially some of the nursing actions that she took. I know that in the real world, some of the actions that she did would never have been possible. Maybe it was how the author set up the hospital in a small town and people are more accepting. I don’t know but I started criticizing her nursing career and choices just as badly as I critique Grey’s Anatomy and every other medical show they come up with.

Overall, the book was good. I will be looking out for the next book in the series.

If you would like more information about the book, check it out on goodreads or amazon. I love those two sites for book reviews.




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