Over 22,000 steps

yesterday I was busy. literally. I walked over 22,000 steps! yes, I said 22,000. I did 6 miles and then my 30 minute couch to 5k day four. I have never walked so much in my life!

I’m I sore? not really. I wanted to give up so many times but I kept going. it helped that I walked away from home and knew the only way to get back was to walk back. I live in a small town, so walking to the library is only about a mile away. I did that twice, once by myself and then later with the kid. We walked down to the beach which is connected to the stated park and library in my little town I live in. wonderful thing about small towns is mini side streets every where you can walk. I love walking the neighborhood. I am able to see what people are doing with their yard and get ideas for mine. I can see what houses are for sale and dream about buying one. I can walk up on main street and bargain shop, get coffee, antique stores, pet shop and then walk home. sometimes we even walk to Redbox which is only about a quarter mile from our house.

I found that walking relaxes me. I am able to get all my thoughts together and organized. I plan my week out with my to do lists. I argue with myself and replay conversations.  most of the time, I just get lost in the walk. I don’t think I just walk. I keep going even when my legs hurt and I don’t want to go any more. what is driving me is the weight. I need for it to come off. I’m also in a friendly competition with my sister in law….friendly ha! we are both out to get the most steps a day. even with me doing over 22, 000 steps she is ahead of me. not for long I can tell you that. I am off today and I plan on getting some walking in again today. i’m not sure if I will win this competition with her using our fitbit, but I will do my best to keep up with her.

I also have come to the realization that I can do things on my own. a couple years ago, you would never catch me walking on my own in town. not because it is unsafe but because I usually have my boyfriend with me. yesterday, I ventured off on my own to the library and the lake. he was surprised as well when he found out that I had done that. asking if I as ok and if I needed a pill. lol. he means this in the most nice way. I battle with anxiety and depression. he knows that little things can trigger it and has been worried that with my focus on my health and if I’m not making improvements if I will fall deeper into my depression. I am happy to say that my depression/anxiety is doing a little better with the exercise. I might not be seeing the weight come off in numbers but I will better. I am able to walk longer. the pain in my legs is getting better. my down days are better. now the motivation to get things around the house done? yeah that isn’t always better lol. sometimes I just don’t want to do the laundry or dishes.

I’m hoping that with these small accomplishments that I will be able to do more. maybe go hiking or ride a bike without having to stop multiple times.

It is one day at a time.



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