book reviews

About my book reviews

I love to read. I can read almost about anything. I do not prefer to read science fiction, inspirational, or history but if I find it interesting I will read it.

I have so many books and authors that I love to read. I go to the library almost once a week. I get so many books that the librarians scold me. Usually the scolding is related to me visiting the library on a Monday and then coming back on Wednesday to get more books…but not returning any. I do finish my books. I hate not finishing books. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to hurt the books feelings. Ridiculous I know. I buy a lot of books as well. I go to goodwill, thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales to purchase. usually they are stacked on my shelves in the bedroom, bedside the couch, in my car, or even in the bathroom.

I can be reading one to five books at any given moment. Usually I have a book on my kindle, audio book in my car, audio book on my phone to do when I am walking, one book upstairs next to bed, one downstairs by the couch. Throw in there the book I’m reading for my book club.

Yes, I am in a book club. multiple book clubs. the town has a book club that I attend once a month. we usually meet at the local cake shop or pizzeria. I am the youngest reader in the group.. so my taste is a little different. They like biographies and history books that I can not stand. I have not read a lot of the books they have chose yet. I know I should, but I’m waiting for a better book to come along. I also am in a book club online that I do with my bullet journal buddies.

Reading opens up so many opportunities. You can travel to places that you have never been. Get lost in a murder mystery or romance sequel. I feel blessed that I know how to read and that I enjoy it. I don’t really understand why more people do not like to read. I have also created a monster. Bry, my boyfriends son, loves to read now because of me. he is the same way with books. going to the library any chance he gets. taking out more books then he should be able to read. he will sit for hours with me reading outside or even on the couch. usually we are sipping tea and eating popcorn.

I am not an expert. I just love to read. I don’t have a degree in literature or English. as you can tell probably by my lack of grammar and punctuation at times. with that being said, my book reviews are really my way to write down what I thought about a book I have recently been reading. if someone chooses to read and comment, awesome!! I like being able to share what I have been reading as well as recommend books.


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