I love back to school days..

well spring break is over. boyfriends son goes back to school. even though I didn’t give birth to him, he is my son. we have been together for six years. his son lives with us full time. so I am a mom. I guess sometimes I have to say that outloud because I have been confronted about me not being a true mom. 

anyways, I don’t want to go off on a stupid rant. 

school started back today. I thought I was going to pull my hair out this morning. I’m getting myself ready for work and making sure he gets up for a shower because a 10 yr old boy develops a funk over night. yelling every couple minutes to take a fast shower. thirty minutes later he still wasn’t out and I pulled out the big one, told dad to get him to hurry up. now I know I sound mean but yesterday we found our we had a plumbing issue and the landlord wasn’t sending anyone out till this morning. so our luxury of running water and flushing toilet was limited. 

back to school also means kids are hyper. we had cub scouts tonight and I can not get those boys to pay attention for anything. no matter how many activities and hands on things they don’t want to pay attention. I’m not a mean person by any means but I feel like some times your kids need a little correction when they aren’t at home.

I love being a scout mom. we did adventures in science and make oblech, planted seeds in dirt vs water bead, slide experiment. I think the more adventure we had tonight was trying to make sure nothing blew away with the wind. couple more weeks until camporee.

a not so fun thing about kids going back to school is in the office, all the kids and parents are calling in sick wanting to be seen now. everyone is sick. I have compassion. I don’t have compassion for the patients that call in wanting advice and when you give them what they want to hear they get frustrated. it comes with the job. 

I especially enjoy the routine that we are back in. I strive on organization, routine. I need a plan of action every day and a syllabus when going some where. why? I don’t know. it’s just how I am. the small town rambler.


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