Lemon chicken quickie 

I love lemon. I eat lemons all the time. I’m growing my own lemon tree in my kitchen. I have lemon lip gloss, lotion, shampoo…you get the picture. I recently have been experimenting with lemon in my cooking and I think this one is delicious. 

now when I cook and if anyone follows my recipes I cook for three. I usually then try to get 2 leftovers. 


  1. 3 chicken breasts, I cut mine up into chunks. 
  2. red potatoes cut in half or quarter if large
  3. enough green beans and mushrooms for 3 people 
  4. 1 and 3/4 chicken broth 
  5. 1/3 cup milk that you mix with 5 tsp of flour
  6. salt, pepper to taste
  7. Olive oil
  8. Lemon slices
  9. thyme sprigs about 3
  10. parsley cut up finely

I served mine with a quick pasta on the side.

I do not know calorie intake. I have to measure my food and everything I use is measured and I count everything based on my measurement. I’m sure it would be easy to calculate. if you need to use more olive oil go ahead.

your first easy step and most work you are going to do–cut up your potatoes. I did half and then really large ones I quartered. you want to boil them in water on the stove for about 6 minutes.  you don’t want them to soft so watch how long!


you can use three large breasts or I took them and cut into chucks because it was easier for me to measure  

in a pan sautee your chicken with your sprigs of thyme. I can only use 1 tsp of olive oil so I took half a tsp with about 3 tbsp of my chicken broth and cooked it. make sure you season your chicken. 

while the chicken is cooking, whisk together your milk and flour. I then added it to my chicken broth. 

make sure you check on your potatoes!! mine were done about this time. 

I used green beans that are fresh that you can just steam in the bag. I put those in the microwave. if you decide to use fresh but not in bag, just steam quickly or if use frozen just make sure thawed and no extra water. 

remove the chicken from the pan and set aside. use the rest of the olive oil In the pan and add the potatoes, mushrooms. cover and cook on low until the mushrooms are down. becareful, if you cooked your potatoes to long don’t stir to much or they will break up. 

it’s looking good! ignore the *i* after the picture, I’m doing this on my phone and it would not go away. plus all the grammar mistakes !

lemon chicken can’t be chicken without lemon!! cut up your lemon slices very thin. 

I placed the lemon slices on top of my potatoes and mushrooms. added the chicken broth, milk/flour, and seasoned everything. then I put my green beans on top of this. 

I let it steam for a couple minutes covered up on low before I mixed everything in. while I was waiting, I fixed my noodles. I’m sure you could pair this with a salad, crusty bread, rice, more vegetables. 

mixed everything up and then add your chicken. hopefully the sauce is starting to thicken. if not you can add more flour. 

cut up your parsley. I also cut up some green onions but this is optional. my boyfriend loves onions and he puts them on everything even when not needed. his family eats whole onion slices with their food. not like on burgers like a bite of steak then a bite of onion slice. it’s a midwestern thing. 

lemon chicken dinner. fast and easy. I think writing this post took longer then cooking it. took me about 30 minutes.

it was delicious ! this was my boyfriend’s plate. he topped his with parsley, onion, and parmesan cheese. 
we ended up having a lot left even when the boys had seconds. so I took some to my boyfriend’s parents house to thank them for donating to relay for life. 



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