Couch to 3k…. or my attempt

Couch to 3k, might have heard of it? one of the girls I work with in the office suggested it. I looked at the app and have pinned quite a few ideas from pinterest. the object is to start slow and work yourself up to 3k. I was not very fond of the whole idea especially when running was  involved. Why am I against running you ask? Well there are these things called boobs…and when you have them and they have a mind of their own it doesn’t matter how tight a sports bra you wear, you can’t run without looking like someone from Baywatch. Which I really don’t think anyone would mistake me from someone from Baywatch especially if I’m on a weight loss journey!

Back to couch to 3k. I have looked at different options some are jogging then walking for a couple minutes. Some increase the time to 20-30 minutes a day. I was getting all frustrated with all the options that I was just like, KIM! JUST PICK ONE DAMNIT!

I experimented this morning doing the 5 minute walk, 2 minute jog then 5 minute walk. It really wasn’t all that bad. Throw in some squats and strength training and I was ready for work.

I think I’m going to attempt to keep up this routine. I really want to do it. I don’t think I will ever get to the running part..but if I’m jogging and not sitting on my butt that is a plus right??!?!

another thing that I have been researching a lot while I have been looking up healthy lifestyles changes lately is building yourself a motivation board. I really don’t have a lot of space in my house for my ‘workout’ place. me working out is usually in the dining room while the boys are watching TV or walking on the treadmill in the mud room. which really isn’t a mud room…or have anything in it that would justify as a mud room in a normal house…but that is beside the point. I made my boyfriend hang up a shelve in front of my mirror today. I’m going to use that to hold my phone or even my tablet when I am walking so that I can keep myself occupied while walking. I was then looking at motivation board ideas for the side wall next to the treadmill. nothing fancy. I don’t really want to put to much because a lot of people use the back door to come into my house instead of the front one. I guess I don’t want everyone seeing what my current weight is and my goals. but then again I wonder if it is displayed, I will feel confident and want to lose weight because people take an interest in seeing my succeed. I’m hoping to get the board up this weekend. I’ll post pictures while I’m designing it.

I was very proud of myself today when I actually completed my pattern from new direction guidelines. I had my 4 oz. of hamburger, 2/3 cup pasta, one piece of bread, butter, strawberries, and vegetables. it is really hard for me to get fruit into my diet. I love fruit, but I’m not an apple kind of girl. the skin is disgusting and its to much work to peel the apple. no bananas, I’m allergic. grapes, good but expensive in this small town. strawberries, awesome but they mold so fast in my house. unless I pack my fruit the day of work, I won’t eat any. milk is another issue that I have. I’m not a milk drinker. my dietician that I see there my weight loss program, told me to substitute my milk allowance for one more oz. of meat. so that I what I have been doing. that way it gives me a little more protein and I feel full faster. I’m hoping to keep up the good work this weekend, especially since it is suppose to be nice and usually that means cooking out.

I’m really hoping this blogging thing will help me say accountable. plus it is helping me track my journey. I am able to write how I am feeling. my boyfriend gets tired of listening me talk about food and how I need to work out instead of do this or that. might as well write it all out!


4 thoughts on “Couch to 3k…. or my attempt

  1. My boys say I don’t eat enough protein, but I find it hard to eat a lot of it. I try though. It sounds like you are going through the same thing. That’s why I decided to blog about it, because people in my family are tires of hearing me go on about all this. Good luck!!

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