cold and dreary on the main road

what better way is it to enjoy the night after a long day back at work when it’s cold and rainy outside ? 

chicken pot pie casserole!

(disregard my bad photo skills and the dish that looks dirty lol)

I didn’t get pictures prepping but I have to say the end product looks scrumptious and tastes even better.

even though I would love to have more than one bowl,I  did measure everything out. 3 oz of chicken, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes and two biscuit. this covers my three points for starch and three points for chicken. yes I wanted more but knew it wasn’t a good idea. I already feel like the Pillsbury dough boy… don’t want to eat so many rolls I actually am him. if your wondering if I’m doing weight watchers, I’m not. it’s called robard diet and I follow the new direction guidelines. 

the rain has stopped me from walking outside. plus the cold has returned. I know it’s not surprising for the Midwest to be cold in April but when we have had multiple days of 70s I want it back!

the family and I decided to spend the night playing games. I don’t know what it is, but card and board games are awesome. we can sit for hours. well we did on Monday. played nothing but games all day.

you know when your so tired that you start to not make sense and you ramble? I’m starting to do that now. think I’m gonna head to bed. early morning work out and Zumba after work. 


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