Weight loss journey

Man I hate when people talk about weight loss. everyone has it. it’s on everyone’s new years resolution list. your pumped in the new year going to look good by summer, enroll in a gym, and then cancel membership two months later. I have done this for many years. I finally realized when my scrub tops had to keep going a size bigger that I needed to do something. I hate my body. I hate how I look. I know, I know every women says the same thing. But I got to the point that i was disgusted with myself. I started wearing pjs and sweats a lot at home. I didn’t care about my appearance. I wasn’t doing my hair, make up or taking any pride in myself. I knew I was going to have to do something.

In my area, you can join a weight loss program. This program has you follow a 1100-1200 calorie diet. I eat one meal a day, with two meal supplements and one bar supplement. I know what your thinking. I was thinking it to with me as a nurse. I’m going to starve myself, the supplements are going to be disgusting, i’m going to spend all this money just to stop this in a month or two.

Well I joined april 9th officially. I was 225 lbs. I’m down to 215 on 4/4/17. I’ve had my ups and downs. I get hangry. I want to eat. I love to eat. But I keep pushing myself. I want to be happy when I look in the mirror. I’m exercising about 3 times a week. “Eating” breakfast and lunch. The weight is coming off. Yes, i do cheat. Everyone cheats. Today I had my first pop in over a month. OK….three glasses. I needed it. No I wanted it, yes. So I had one…three. Well it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would. I figured I would go home and crave more. I’m not. Really if i think back on it, I prob would have been fine with water.

my goals are to keep a food journal, eat breakfast, no pop, exercise 3-4 times a week. lately I haven’t been keeping track of my food journal and not exercising as much as I usually do. I think it’s the spring break my boyfriends son is on. if he doesn’t have to go to school, why should i do what im suppose to right?!?!? yeah, i know excuses. I’m hoping with starting this blog that I can be a little more accountable to myself. i thought about it a lot today when we walked all over town. when I say walk i mean WALK. the kid and i, went up to main street to the local pet store, then video store to spend his gift card money on a couple of games for him, Walgreen for thank you card, drinks, and candy for him AND then on to a family’s house to drop of thank you card, then home. doesn’t sound like a lot but it was 3.75 miles. i was walking and he was scootering. i was tempted to put my fitbit on him to see if he would get me more steps! so many thoughts were going thru my head today while walking. I’m i giving up since i had those pops? why am i cheating lately? i need to do something and since i can’t even journal like im suppose to and i love surfing pinterest, I might as well blog.

so here it goes… day 27. pounds 215. I can do this.


4 thoughts on “Weight loss journey

  1. Good luck!! I’m right there with you, at least you have lost what 15 pounds. That’s great!!! Scrubs are deceiving, the weight creeps up on you before you know it and then you just get bigger scrubs because you are sure the other ones shrunk!!!!

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