The time has come….

I’ve never done a blog before…so the time has come. Yes, I’ve done multiple journals. Bought a brand new one the start of the year and vowed to write every day. Along with other resolutions of course. The journal is sitting on the table where we use it for keeping scores during games. Maybe it’s just the writing part, maybe its the lack of motivation, or available technology that we have. I look on pinterest and my multiple facebook groups about blogging and how everyone loves it. so I figured I might as well give it a try.

what could go wrong?

……..no one will look at it.

Oh well. I guess that is why I decided to call this small down ramblings. I ramble. like now.

Any woo…

First rambling… about me. I live in a small mid-western town. I’m a “step-mom” to my boyfriend’s son. nurse. crafter… like pinterest crafter. Pin. Now I’m a crafter! Reader. library book hoarder. rack up the fines, because i love a good book, reader.

Second rambling…I guess I want this blog to be my way of explaining what goes on in my normal day. is it something that is going to interest others? Prob not. Who would get excited knowing that I’m a nurse and I deal with patients all day? Or I tried a new recipe and my family now has to order pizza. I love to read, I might write a book review or two. Plus, I’m on a weight loss plan right now. I have had to change everything about what I do. What I eat, what activites I participate in. Sometimes I’m mean. Sometimes I binge. But I have a goal. I guess a goal similar to my weight loss is trying to keep this blog alive. I’m hoping that I’m about to keep the weight off even if my blog fails. lol. i bet most people start a blog the same way. wanting to showcase what they do on a normal day. my days are usually not journal worthy…prob why my journal is being used as a score keeper right now.

Third rambling… I’m new to this. I don’t know how i’m going to set everything up. I have things wrote down in my bullet journal. yes, I do bullet journal. If you have never heard of bullet journal, wow its like a whole new world. I walked into micheals one day and didn’t even know the aisle to bullet journaling existed and i’ve been in micheals more than I can count. And here I go off talk about bullet journaling instead of talking about how new I am to this that I will probably make mistakes. Leave me a comment, send email. give me some advice. I’ll admit that my vocab sucks, my punctuation is lacking, and I might not make sense all the time. but its me. i ramble and my thoughts are never punctuated correctly or make sense in my head.


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