pesto chicken with veggies

I have a knack for just throwing things together. sometimes they turn out...others they dont. tonight I decided that I wanted chicken.  you can do it with any kind of veggies. we choose to do green beans, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. these seem to be my go to things.  first, set your own at 350.… Continue reading pesto chicken with veggies

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egg whites, comeback sunday

lately I haven't been doing to good on my weight loss journey. I have been feeling sick lately and have had no appetite. my appetite is back and yesterday I didn't not make good choices all day. I have my appointment with my dietician on Tuesday.  so, today is a new day. I'm not going… Continue reading egg whites, comeback sunday


Ramen is more than just a poor person meal

in college ramen was my go to meal. it was cheap and you could make it not as unhealthy.  there are many recipes out there involving ramen into a Chinese soup. all kinds of variations.  this is mine and it was delicious! ingredients  hamburger has much as you need for your servings. I did two… Continue reading Ramen is more than just a poor person meal