pesto chicken with veggies

I have a knack for just throwing things together. sometimes they turn out…others they dont. tonight I decided that I wanted chicken. 

you can do it with any kind of veggies. we choose to do green beans, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. these seem to be my go to things. 

first, set your own at 350.

in a baking dish, spray it to prevent sticking.

put the green beans in first. I bought already washed and cut. you can use can if you want just make sure you wash because all of the salt. 

now place the chicken on top and add the pesto. you can always butterfly the chicken and add pesto and cheese. or top with pesto and cheese. I didn’t have any cheese lol

now add the mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. make sure you season. add a little pesto on top.

cover and bake for about 45 minutes. while it was cooking I threw in the rice cooker some parmesan rice. 


egg whites, comeback sunday

lately I haven’t been doing to good on my weight loss journey. I have been feeling sick lately and have had no appetite. my appetite is back and yesterday I didn’t not make good choices all day.

I have my appointment with my dietician on Tuesday. 

so, today is a new day. I’m not going to dwell about the last couple if days. I’m going to focus on the future.

my tummy was rumbling this morning for the first time in a couple of days. I really want the left over sausage with biscuits but I did not give in!

I had my shake with pb2 mixed in. I then made myself some egg whites, I can have 1/3 cup, with vegetables of tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms. 

I think it looks delicious ! bonus, take a good too!

my goal today is to walk. it is suppose to be 72 but rainy. I’ll prob go walk if not use the treadmill. here is to Sunday comeback!

The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman

this month in my book club we are reading the Zookeeper’s Wife. I was really looking forward to this book. I saw the trailer for the movie and was instantly interested. 

we all heard of the money stories during the war about Germany and Poland. 

in this book, Jan and Antonina have a zoo in Warsaw. the area is invaded and bombed by Germany. 

Jan and Antonina do not lose hope and end up hiding ‘guests’ in the animal cages and in their home. 

I don’t want to spoil the book. we all know how the war ended but it’s more than about a war. it’s about a couple that take the love they have for animals to save people. 

I truly enjoyed this book. I’m looking forward to discussing this in book club. I’m also looking forward to seeing the movie. 

Ramen is more than just a poor person meal

in college ramen was my go to meal. it was cheap and you could make it not as unhealthy. 

there are many recipes out there involving ramen into a Chinese soup. all kinds of variations. 

this is mine and it was delicious!


hamburger has much as you need for your servings. I did two pounds.

one to two onions


salt, pepper, and red chili flakes

6 cups beef broth 

ramen noodles

green onions 

half cup gochujang


  1. Brown the hamburger with onions. 
  2. season with salt, pepper, red chili flakes. if you want more heat, add more flakes if not..don’t lol.
  3. once browned, add mushrooms. I like ours not all the way done that’s why I add last.
  4. remove from stock pot and put in bowl for later.
  5. leave any oil or left over need you can’t get our in pan 
  6. add beef broth, gochujang and boil
  7.  once boiling, add ramen noodles. they do not take long to cook. about 3 minutes
  8. while ramen is cooking fry up an egg
  9. cut up your green onions 
  10. remove noodles and put in bowl, add some broth, top with meat, then green onions and egg

  11. enjoy!!!

we did serve ours with egg rolls. I’m sure you could also serve with some rice, wontons, or Crap ragoon. 

intro to reading challenge 2017

reading is my passion. I can’t not go to the library every weekend. thrift shop books? my favorite. bargain book shops? heaven to me. libraries? me in a candy store. 

I am constantly reading. weather it be a real book, kindle or audio I read every day. 

I found the pop sugar reading challenge of 2017. 

I plan on making a separate category under book reviews about what books I add to this challenge in case anyone wants to join in. the picture below is the challenge. there is the basic list and then then advanced list. I’m trying to complete the advanced list. 

my Twiggy girl

DSCN0007I know that I have posted a lot tonight…..but¬†I thought I would share one thing that is unique about me. I have a hedgehog. I know that some of my followers live in Europe and they run on the road wild?!?!? so I guess, seeing and knowing about hedgehogs are not that rare. but here where I live, a hedgehog as a pet is not common.

I figured since she is sitting with me while I write my blogs and catch up on posts that the only thing logically to do is write about her ūüôāimages (3)

I have always wanted a hedgehog from the time I was young. I saw them multiple times at the flea markets and pet stores. I finally found a breeder about a year and half ago. I purchased my Twiggy and love her to death!

I named her Twiggy because when I first saw her, her little legs would stick out from my hand. They are so skinny like twigs from a tree.

She is a very easy going hedgehog. she will cuddle with you all day if you want her to. Well, she will cuddle with me all day.¬† the thing with hedgehogs is the more you handle them and the more you show them who is boss, the more the get used to you.¬†from the beginning I made she that I was handling her every day. I would hold her, rub her, kiss on her. I didn’t let her get away with her huffing. I also found that she loves skin to skin contact. yes, I know what you are thinking… skin to skin with a hedgehog?!?!?images (4) they have quills! yes, they have quills. but the more you handle them the more easy they are to get used to.¬†I barely even feel them now. she usually climbs into my shirt and either lays on my chest, stomach, or shoulder. my bf calls her my tumor. “IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!” in m best Arnold voice. yeah I know, prob not funny. but I cracked myself up just saying that lol

Twiggy is a very easy animal to care for but not for anyone. she is nocturnal. has to be in a certain temperature at all time. has to have a wheel that she gets so dirty at night because she runs on it. my bf wants to connect it up some how to a battery to power the house since she usually runs for about 6 hours straight. eats high protein cat food. litter box trained!DSCN0008

isn’t that face the cutest!?!?! I don’t have much pictures of her due to she is a fast little booger and I usually don’t have my phone/camera with me. I am hoping to get some more pictures of her if anyone is interested.




weight troubles :(

images (1)

So, If you have been reading my blog you know that I am on a weight loss journey. lately, I have not been feeling very well. It has not stopped me from exercising. But every morning I am very sick to my stomach. I have nausea and want to throw up. No, I am not pregnant.

At first, I was like ok that day that I cheated and karma caught up with body just needed a couple more days to recover. No, every day since last Friday morning nausea, diarrhea. Every time I eat, I have nausea and diarrhea. I’m not sure what is going on.

But… if I eat healthy food, vegetables, lean meat, chicken. nothing with fat, I feel fine. that is what drives me to the conclusion that it is GERD. also, the possibility that my body is getting used to healthy food and when I eat unhealthy, it is trying to get rid of it.

I just know that I feel horrible lately. I am still exercising but I am barely making my calorie intake each day. I am suppose to be eating about 1000-1100 but I am going eating 400-600. My appetite is gone. I don’t even notice that I am eating less. I don’t want this. I know I should be jumping for job but my cravings are just gone but it worries me that I am feeling like


I do have some fatigue. No unexplained temperatures. No vomiting. Nothing that I would cause myself alarm that I would take myself to the doctor yet. I’m a nurse. I don’t go to the doctor or hospital unless I’m dying. literally, I have had pneumonia many times because I refuse to go to the doctor when I get sick. sometimes this is a good thing…sometimes no. I also work in a doctor office, so I have been running my symptoms by the other nurses. their ideas are similar to my own, body getting used to the better food, GERD.

I am really hoping that it is something simple and not something related to my weight management supplements. I haven’t had any issues drinking/eating them, so I don’t know why I would now.

With the less calories come the increased fatigue and motivation is lacking. I do have an appointment next Tuesday with my dietician. I plan on going over everything with her then. I’m not suppose to meet with the nurse practionier at the time, but I might due to having these (1)

I want to lose weight but in a healthy way. not because I’m barely eating any calories or because of the diarrhea. It also could just be a bug, I am working in a new environment. I could have caught something. plus I work with sick people, duh. lol

Hoping tomorrow with some changes that I have done with my food intake today will have some improvements. we shall see!

I found this awesome quote that I love. This was also said to me and have seen many different places when I go to the doctors. I really think this is true. I think this weekend, I am going to make my motivational board and put this up.


Just make sure that you KEEP GOING!

Bullet journal


I love to be organized. I love lists. the act of crossing things off gives me such accomplishment and satisfaction I can not even explain it. i also love to craft. scrapbooking especially. the idea of journaling is something that i like to do as well but i never kept up with it. in the last couple of months i have been researching bullet journaling on pinterest.

wow…its a whole new world! there are bullet journaling clubs, events, aisles in stores just dedicated to the journals.

after doing a lot of research, i got into it. i started with a little journal from the dollar store. i grabbed some colorful pens and started making my monthly plans, weeklies, budget planners, quotes, etc.


I now have a dedicated book that i use. its called a moleskin dot journal. its basically blank and¬† you decorate based on what you want. there are journals out there that are already predated with boxes and quotes. some of these have different names… ex. happy planners.

you can buy all kinds of things. Scrapbook paper, pens, stickers, stencils, washi tape…oh the washi tape!

usually in my bullet journal is about what my month is going to be like. if i am more busy sometimes i spend a great deal on organizing it and making it pretty. here are some examples of my pretty spreads…

20170419_20191420170419_20185420170419_20185020170419_20181020170419_20174320170419_201731other times, I’m so busy that all i have time is writing down quickly what i am doing that week.this spread is very plain20170419_201818

my weeklies usually have goals, to do lists, meal plans, any important dates.

monthly views are just that… my whole month. sometimes i write, sometimes i use stickers.20170419_201751

my journal is ntexactly the prettiest. i am in a couple of groups on facebook and man these woman that have bullet journals make it look so pretty!

i basically just do what i want to do.

sometimes i include challenges for the month. i haven’t done anything since February. i did a “love myself” challenge. i really need to do another one. 20170419_201846

sometimes i do quotes are just quick reflections. this one i was having a lot of issues with work. i needed a way to express the anxiety i was feeling and a way to put it out there just for me.20170419_201925

recently, i have found out about happy planners. originally i did not want these journals. they are predated and usually are already¬†done for¬† the whole year. thing about me is sometimes i don’t want to write things down. I’m usually ok. sometimes i just need a break. other times, i love writing stuff down. but the thought of not using certain pages really bothered me. it gave me anxiety. then i found the happy planner fitness journal. it is undated for 12 months. so i was able to start it when i started my weight loss journey. i able to track my monthly view, my weeklies. i love that it has quotes and that at the end i can add a picture. only if i develop it lol

in this kit i was able to get the book and stickers for weight loss. i love it! here are some pictures that are in the kit for weight loss20170419_20195920170419_20201420170419_20203520170419_20205820170419_20211920170419_202117


i then went back to the craft store….not letting my bf know lol. i had another couple and got a recipe happy planner journal. this book is so good. recently i have been trying out tons of recipes. but i don’t ever keep them, i just post on facebook or pinterest and hope i don’t lose them forever. i bought this kit and it came with a book with room for about 100 recipes with different categories. it also came with lots of stickers!

here are some of the pictures from the recipe book 20170422_21433020170422_21434520170422_21435520170422_21440020170422_21441320170422_21441920170422_21442420170422_214534


i know it isn’t fancy. i know that some people dont like it, but it is a way to keep me organized. i can write down how ever much i want or nothing at all. i can skip weeks at time and it doesn’t bother me that i am wasting pages because i can custom it to what i want.

if you are interested in bullet journal just comment below. also, look it up online on pinterest. or even google it. you will find tons of things. when you are in your local craft store… around here is micheals, joannas, hobby lobby look for the bullet journal section. they have it. it is real. it is so intense! look on etsy! amazon!

if you like to organize and make to do lists you will not believe what will open up for you doing bullet journals.


family time is the best time

I love my new job. I am able to leave the house at 815 and home by 515. yes, some days it’s a little later. 

but today I was able to get off by 5 and home by 510. perks of  working in town. we decided to go fishing. well the boys fish while I read. I took in the sites and sun bathe. 

we might not do something extravagant every day but we get to spend time together. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. 

here are some of the sites from our fishing trip.