Morning pick up- car diffuser recipe

We all like a little pick me up in the morning. especially if your on the way to the gym early, going into work early, long commutes…anything really.

I purchased this cute this diffuser from a local health food store.

It plugs into the USB outlet and heats up and has a small fan.

it comes with a couple pads that you put the oil on to use.

For my pick me up in the morning, I was going with something that would give me energy before work.

I combined lemon, peppermint, and ylang ylang on the pad.

It does give off a nice aroma but I’m not sure how much energy in getting out of it lol.

Do you have an air freshener or perfume or something else that you like to give yourself a pick me up in the morning ?

share with me!


One pan sausage and peppers meal

I like meals that are fast and easy. I’m sure you have seen that displayed in some of my posts regarding our meals.

on Pinterest I have been seeing a lot of recipes for one pan meals. everything is thrown on a sheet pan, you cook, and viola! dinner is done! clean up is minimal. well it should be, in our house it’s like one of everything is used to cook.

For this meal all you need is onions, peppers (color your choice), mushrooms (type and size your choice), and sausage (again type your choice.

basically you can make this meal adjusted to whatever vegetable and meat you are having. next time, I think I’m going to do chicken.

I cut up all the vegetables. placed on the sheet pan and seasoned.

For the sausage I had echrich cheddar sausage. put that on top of the sheet pan.

put in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes at 350*.

sorry the end picture is a little blurry. lol ok you really can’t see anything in the picture lol.

I made pearled couscous for the side.

Thieves Hand Santizer

Did you know that your hand sanitizer for bath and body works or even the local store have tons of chemicals that are harmful if ingested?

Yes, I know I like the sanitizer. they smell nice. they look pretty in little bottles and cute colors.

You aren’t going to ingest them, just put them on your hands.. then your going to touch that fruit you have been eyeing with those hands. those hands that have all those chemicals on them…. and now you have ingested them.

Instead of using those hand sanitizers, make your own.

To make thieves hand sanitizer you will need : a bottle, aloe Vera, thieves essential oil, vitamin e.

First, you will need to fill the bottle with aloe vera about 2/3 full. Then fill with vitamin e 1/4 teaspoon.

Now you add 6 drops of thieves essential oil.

Mix this all together by shaking the bottle. It will look a little cloudy.

Add water to get it to a consistency that you like. I went pretty thin on the squirt bottle and a little thicker on the squeeze bottle.

This hand sanitizer smells amazing. it has cinnamon base that I truly enjoy smelling.

are you going to make this ? Let me know how it turns out and tag me in your post!

prepackaged good food

when I cook, i try not to rely on prepacked food. like hamburger helper, quick pasta meals..etc. I try not. but shopping the other day, I found some healthy alternatives to prepackaged food. tonight for dinner I decided to make chicken, red potatoes, salad, green beans, and zucchini. everything that I picked out for dinner was on sale. the total of this meal came to $10. yes, only $10. it helps when you are shopping the clearance in food. first, i made the vegetables all pretty. basically opened up the packages, covered in olive oil, seasoned and put in the oven on 350* for 10 mimites popped in the red potatoes in microwave for 8 minutes. started the chicken on the grill. got the salad going. tada! dinner is done !

Essential oils

Have you heard of essential oils?

In the last 6 months, I have really started learning about essential oils.

I started learning more about them when my anxiety was getting worse and I was researching things that didn’t have to do with medication.

As I researched I found different companies that sell essential oils. there are companies that bring in a lot of money —doterra and young living. I have both of these companies oils and I love them.

I also have oils from Aura Cacia, NOW, plant therapy, and Rocky mountain oils. These are all awesome companies. I don’t have one favorite over the other. I know that there are companies that are better than the other. But if I can find the research that I want regarding the essential oils, then I like to try a little of everything lol.

I have collected a lot of different oils– one here.. two there. but never a starter kit.

I recently spent the money, close to $160, and bought the starter kit from young living.

I fell instantly in love with this kit! in the kit you get 10 oils, 1 mystery oil, small roller bottles, samples of oils, samples of ningxia red, catalog, magazine, and a diffuser.

after this kit came In the mail… I’ve gone a little crazy with purchasing oils. lol. so much that my bf told me I have to have an allowance !

since the kit I have made with this kit and other oils I have: thieves hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, car diffuser, skin cleansing pod solution and many different diffuser blends.

I know that this post isn’t a lot of information regarding oils.. but I’m learning. I don’t want to publish anything without a lot of research and that is what I suggest for anyone that is interested in essential oils. RESEARCH!

do you use essential oils ?

which ones are your favorite?

please stay tuned for future posts !!

Pumpkin library book

This weekend the library was offering a class to turn a library book into a pumpkin.

I love everything fall, so I had to take part in this activity.

First, you need a paperback book. Take off the covers.

Trace onto the book the shape of your pumpkin. It is easier to use an exacto knife but we had to use scissors. It is doable with the scissors just more time consuming.

Basically keep going around the traced circle until you have your pumpkin cut out.

Once you have it cut out, take the front and back pages of the book and hot glue them together.

Fan our the pages to make it look like a fuller pumpkin. you might need to hot glue in some places to make it look fuller.

As you can see… mine has a mind of its own. I had to glue on multiple spots and go thru each page to seperate them to open up wider.

Next, use orange spray paint to coat your pumpkin. Paint to your preference. I just did the edges.

Hot glue a branch into the middle. Take some ribbon yo make the vine.

It isn’t perfect, but I think it gives my house character.

I love anything fall and this definitely fits in!

Have you done this project before ? Are you going to do it? Let me know and tag me in your post if you accomplish it !

30th birthday party

Today is my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. He wouldn’t tell me what he wanted for his birthday…so I turned to Pinterest. I happened to come across some posts about 30 things for 30 years, 30 best birthday gifts, 30 gag gifts… etc I came up with a couple cute ideas. I didn’t know exactly what I was going for when I went to the store, but as I walked down the aisles I was finding things. Basically, we bought him gifts that he loves. Like his coffee, creamer, cups, candy. Threw in some funny humor… lubricant oil, blow pops, pop rocks, etc. I didn’t spend a lot. I went to the dollar store and basically got the gag gifts. Then we went to Wal-Mart to get some of the more expensive gifts. For example, his socks, coffee, dremel kit, movie.. After buying everything, we put them in numbered bags with a little saying on the bottom. They were corny. I know. A couple mishaps happened… the donuts were smashed because the cat decided to jump on the box. The ‘zero’ to complete the 30 some how never made it home…? Here is the finished project…all 30 gifts! I have to say, he loved it.He did laugh a lot. But was very surprised.

A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

download (3)Author of The Couple Next Door, brings another awesome book called A Stranger in the House.

About the book:

Karen Krupp is at home one evening making dinner for Tom, her husband. The next thing she knows she is waking up in a hospital, not able to remember anything. Tom finds out that she rushed out of her house with no purse, keys,  or locking the door, and speeding away to a neighborhood that she would never be in.

The police are saying that there is more to the story then just a traffic accident, especially when a body turns up dead in the same area. Who is this man and how is he connected to Karen?

Tom doesn’t want to believe what the police are telling him. His wife doesn’t do these things and he knows Karen the best, right? Or does your best friend know you better?

What do you believe ?

My Book rating: 3 out of 5images (2)

What I thought about the book.


download (9)

The book took me quite a long time to get into it.

I felt that it was boring for the first couple of chapters. Then I got to about half way thru the book and I couldn’t put it down.

What was the turning point? I’m not sure, I just got to the point that I didn’t want to put it down.

The book definitely has twists and turns. I had a feeling that she was connected to the death of the man due to her feeling like someone was in the house. It had to be either a family member or a ex-husband. Finding out that it was her ex-husband that she ran away from because he was abusive was what I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting was to find out that he wasn’t an abusive husband but she had taken him for his money and ran away.

I was thrown when I found out that her best friend was obsessed with Tom. But even more thrown when Brigid wasn’t even the one that killed the man but witnessed Karen killing him. Was that the truth? Did she really remember what was going on or just faked the amnesia? Who killed the man?

But that ending??! She is pregnant?!? What is going to happen now? I was left with so many questions! 

By far the book was very good. I wish that I would have been more into it right away and didn’t take reading half the book to start to get interested.  I am wondering if she is going to make a sequel? I also felt like the book was rushed at the end. Like the author was throwing in so many different twists that she just ended it.

Have you read it?

What did you think of it?

lemon pepper chicken and couscous

I’m in love with my crockpot. I love being able to put a meal into it for a certain amount of time and bam it’s done.

do you like your crockpot?

what so you make a lot, casserole, roast, soup?

today I decided to make lemon pepper chicken with vegetables with couscous

have u heard of Campbell sauces? u can use them to cook meals for after grilling or use as a marinate.

I used it as a cooking sauce in the crockpot.

first into the crockpot went the chicken breast.

I seasoned with salt and pepper. covered with cut up potatoes, onions, and carrots.

on top of that, I put the Campbell lemon pepper sauce.

set on high and cooked for 3 hours.

when we came home, you could smell it through out the whole house.

I had put the couscous in the rice cooker.

it was delicious!

a lot more watery than I thought but I know it’s related to the chicken breast cooking and the sauce.

have you ever used Campbell cooking sauces?

cooking pearl couscous for first time

do you like couscous? I do for sure. I love that you can eat It warm or cold.

how do you enjoy it?

tonight I decided to make it with beef.

it is very easy instructions. basically you boil the couscous, then add the spice packet, boil some more and boom u have couscous lol.

I cooked sliced beef

I also cut up some green peppers and onions.

after everything was done, I basically just mixed together.

I know it doesn’t look fancy. it was very very good. next time I would like to add tomatoes and maybe more mushrooms and green peppers.

I served with a side salad.

the boys ate it right up!

what recipes do you make with couscous ?