squashing dinner 

have u ever heard of spaghetti squash?!?


well, it is AMAZING. 

tonight I made spaghetti squash for the first time. 

I had my doubts. I’m not a squash eater. I don’t like zucchini unless it’s seasoned with lemon pepper (i know, big surprise) and slightly burned on the grill. 

ive seen so many recipes on Facebook and Pinterest that I figured I would try it. 

I decided to do it with ground beef and spagetti sauce. also served with pasta on the side because I didn’t know the boys would eat it or not.

first, cut your squash half way. this is the hardest part.

then poke with a fork, drizzle with olive oil, and season however you like.

I like ours a little spicy, so I used Cajun seasoning. ok a lot. lol 

cook on 350 for 45 to an hour. I took out about half way to poke it. cook until, soft. 

take your fork and then into spagetti!

easy meal.

my bf loved it. the kid, not so much.

I topped with spaghetti sauce n meat with a little cheese.

ive seen so many different recipes involving spaghetti squash. 

Tuesday flop…NOT!

yesterday I wrote a post about making sure I got up at 545 to walk around and do my exercises. I wasn’t allowed to fall back to sleep.

well I woke up this morning not at 545 but 5 and got my butt in gear.

I let the dog out, got dressed, and headed out the door.

I walk for about 1.5 hours. did almost 2 miles. my arms and legs are sore from yesterday but I’m bound and determined. 

it is a beautiful morning. it’s one of those chilly but warm April mornings. you can smell the changes in the air. or maybe it’s just grass clippings!

I was trying not to look at houses to much because I know I look like a creeper.

I started listening to two different audio books. not sure why but I could not get into them. instead, opted for Pandora. 

is there any music that you listen to when you are working out or do you just walk, listen to a book, radio ?

I better get a move on, gonna do my couch to 5 k then get the kid up. by then should be getting around to work. 

get yourself moving!

I had every intention to blog quite a bit today after dinner today. well, my surprise when I look down on my fitbit and I only have done 2000 steps. only. me the person that won three fitbit challenges last week. I figured after going to boy scouts and getting home it would go up. no, I came home to a little over 3000. 

after dinner I told myself get your butt up and start working out. if I’m going to watch t.v. I might as well walk. 

I decided to do my couch to 5k. I’m up to running for 5 minutes. oh god, help me. by 3 minutes my legs cramp and I want to give up. I do have to stop briefly and step. I never stop, just step lightly then run again. 

I did my couch to 5 k, stepping on stepper for 12 minutes, walking, and strengthening. I watch one show and half of another. which btw, the show mary kills people on lifetime is awesome. I might do a review of it. plus the show the arrangement. 

I was suppose to get up this morning to go walking…yeah just a thought. I need to get up tomorrow morning. maybe it’s just that 545 comes so fast. plus I go to bed late… it’s almost 1130. but I came home and worked out. I only work 3 hours tomorrow. might as well get up and if I want can always take a nap later. 

I put out all my clothes for tomorrow. this way I’m not fighting with myself in the morning to get going. 

i woke up this morning wide awake at 430. thinking to myself, on sleep for an hour then wake up. alarm woke up and I could barely get my eyes open. I don’t know if it’s the work schedule change or just fatigue from me staying up so late.

all I know is I need to get moving. I need to stop thinking about doing something and move. move. move. move.

this weight is not going to come off just writing about it. 

I’m off to bed… or prob gonna read some blogs till I fall asleep. my plan is if I wake up around 4 again I’m just going to get up and work out. stay up and get a move on. I will keep you updated!


ok I have to rant. I was cleaning today and I go upstairs and the kid has not cleaned his room in a week. usually I do not look in his room because it’s his space. but we have a rule, do your chores and clean your room. if we have to tell you to do your chores or clean your room the right way there will be consequences.

I walk past his room, play doh opened up, toys thrown all over, bed not made. 

i was pissed. beyond pissed.

lately he has been not doing his chores right either

I called his dad and told him get home now, no more fishing bc his room is a mess and I’m not happy. 

I wanted to scream and yell at him. I was hot. but I know getting thru to him or anyone isn’t screaming. so I cooled down and didnt say anything. I have to say I’m proud I didn’t go off the deep end. 

ok rant over. 

Sunday sunny busy day

Wow, I am up to 32 posts! Thirty-two! man I write a lot, hopefully I’m not writing to much and annoying people to death lol. I am also up to 17 followers, which I can not believe. I never thought I would even get to 10. thank you to everyone that follows me and reads my blogs. is there anything else you want to see? anything that you don’t like reading on my blogs? any improvements?

I have been reading tons of blogs of people that I follow. I love reading what everyone has going with their lives. I recently have been reading, Cheila posts lately and she has been posting her to do list for the day. (look, BeaFreitas I did it!!!) This gives me some inspiration for a post for today. I usually write my to do list down in my bullet journal. if your asking yourself what a bullet journal is I am hoping to post a blog today about that, it is on my to do list after all. I love lists and journaling. I especially love crossing things off my to do lists but also I love showing to others what I did.

Somethings that I need to get done on this awesome sunny sunday:

  1. Dishes and put them away
  2. laundry and put away…ugh
  3. clean the bathroom, including scrubbing down the tub and sink
  4. clean the bathroom drawers and under sink
  5. dust …dust every where!!
  6. let Charlie out and run around (my rabbit)
  7. clean twiggys wheel (my hedgehog)
  8. go for a walk
  9. hang up pictures in bedroom that I recently got from dollar store
  10. meal plan for the week
  11. find a place for my fairy garden
  12. clean up my essential oils in the cabinet and organize them
  13. weed the front yard flower bed
  14. mail jeans back to GB
  15. put together shoe drawer
  16. wash windows where milo decides to lick all over them
  17. find a casserole dish for tomorrow dinner after scouts
  18. blog bullet journal
  19. make my nurse shirts for work
  20. read some of my book
  21. find out when library books due and write down dates
  22. mow the grass?
  23. plant rest of seeds outside in garden
  24. figure out what to do about my herbs in window

While I am writing this list, more stuff is getting added to it! it is already 2 pm here and I have yet to do anything. other than eat lunch and watch pitch perfect. the boys went fishing again so it is just me. I prob should get something done.. now where do I start?


food combos

do you ever notice that when you are on a diet you have weird food combos?

I usually have my two shakes a day. this morning have a strawberry shake for breakfast. lunch I had cauliflower with some salsa on it with my lemon pudding shake. yes I know, weird combo. but with my shakes I’m already getting 200g of protein. I usually then eat some kind of vegetable. the crunchy the better. if you have never had cauliflower with salsa try it!

yes I’m sure I’ll be gassy later but I’m going to be working outside so it’s not like I’m stinking up the house 🙂

I also eat other weird combos. celery with salsa cause the chips are to unhealthy. cottage cheese with tomatoes. tomatoes, cucumbers with pepper. 

do you have any weird combos?

or maybe cravings ? I always crave cottage cheese with pickles or olives. no I’m not pregnant but I live pickles in my cottage cheese. I love pickles in general. 

on the crazy fairy path

has anyone seen in the craft stores everything you can buy related to fairies? 

well….ive been seeing these every where. I’m not exactly into fairies but I found this cute woodland garden kit that has a hedgehog on it. I couldn’t pass it up because duh it’s a hedgehog and I love them. that’s why I have one! I bought this kit about 2 years ago. I had every intention of doing something, but I didn’t find the right container. when I saw my mom today, she had a white rock planter that was awesome. I knew as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. 

I don’t want to go all crazy with it, just something to display. 

my bf said I’m getting older and that is why I’m doing fairies. he got a swift punch in the stomach. 

ok, not to hard. 

…..well maybe a little lol.

back to my hedgehog garden. it turned out cute. will i add more ? prob not but I had fun. 

I figured if you aren’t aware of fairy gardens, just take a trip to micheals, hobby lobby, or any craft store.

usually you buy some sort of container to hold your garden. containers can be planters, cups, bowls, etc. 

their are many fairy themes, shipping today I saw Easter, shore, traditional fairy themes, etc.

usually you buy a house for your fairy. 

plus you buy your fairy or characters. I saw many characters.. fairies, animals and people. 

then you can accessorize!

I did not include a fairy. I thought they looked creepy but I have my hedgehog so I’m happy!

I’m hoping to do my crafty blogs… I might even do a blog about some of my animals. 

let me know if you think this is cute or I’m I just being a weird middle age adult lol 

I guess it doesn’t matter cuz I love it! 

cheat day karma

so yesterday I had a cheat day. I had a slice of pizza and a pop. also a couple pieces of candy. I didn’t go over board. I still stayed within my limit of calories, I just didn’t make good choices.

I’m sure I worked it off later because I walked then 2 miles and then jogged and stepped for 2 hours before bed. 

I didn’t think anything of it. I was having a bad day and I dealt with food, I know it was unhealthy. 

then bam, karma.

I woke up this morning not feeling right and have been in the bathroom with vomiting and diarrhea. one part of me is telling me that it was the food, my body isn’t used to it. the other part, the nurse part, is telling me it’s prob germ related. 

I want to lay on the couch and call my mom to take care of me. why? I have no idea, I’m a nurse. I know what to do. does anyone else do that, call your mom yo come take care of you while sick?

my mom did not take care of me. she just told me everything I need to do that I already knew. 

but that is what moms are for, repeating when you know what to do already. I do it all the time. 

I now know that karma comes back around. 

bad haircut, nurses eat their young oh wait your not a nurse!!

have you ever got a bad haircut?

I did, I got a bad hair cut yesterday. I have my hair pretty short. stacked in the back and long in front. I told her to take off 2 inches, she took off 4! I told her I look like a boy! then my bf tells me, I look like a chubby boy. I haven’t talked to him all day now. he owes me big time. if I talk to him again. 

I’m not sure if that started my bad mood or what. it might have been the b**** i encountered at work today. I’m still new at my job in the doctors office. I have worked in an office for multiple years, but only about a month at this office. the receptionist decided to scould me today about scheduling a patient. then proceeded to tell me how to triage a patient. I told her I knew how to do it and then she said “some times nurses need more help”. I then said,” oh I didn’t know you were a nurse”. her response, “I’m not”. me,” I guess I better ask a nurse then for help”. 

I know, I should have shut up and didnt say anything. but my pet peeve is someone in the medical field saying or acting like a nurse, and YOUR NOT A NURSE! it’s a slap in my face about the schooling and training that I have went thru. you didn’t. you didn’t earn your title. I did. I hate it. I left my other job because the medical assistant kept calling herself a nurse, she isn’t, and when I called her out on it I wasn’t being a “team player ” by my boss. I said fine, ” I’m not the one that will get in trouble when she tells a patient advice, especially advice from someone that didn’t pass her exam to become a medical assistant. I know I sound mean. but working in the medical field, you can’t mess around. I worked in a hospital and a nurse assistant would never give advice. it isn’t there place. so in a doctors office why is it ok?!?!

that situation, along with my haircut, and bf comment I wasn’t happy. bring in me coming home and then find out we have an hour to a bday party that i need to buy a gift for. 

I’m sure my ramblings of a bad day aren’t that big of a deal. they might seem small to what others deal with. I think i was just pissed and it lead to feeling more pissed about stupid little things. 

I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day. 


what do you do when you start to lose motivation? i have started a lot of diets in the past and they were going great and then bam, no motivation and I give up. I don’t want that to happen due to I’ve already come so far.

I tried looking back on past diets as well as activities that I have started. I start full stream and then bam I’m done. after sitting here, I’ve started a lot of things without keeping up with them.

some examples:

quilting, I suck at it so I haven’t gone back to it. plus I can’t get my sewing machine to work.

jewelry making. I started it, made bracelets for everyone and then no one else wanted them so I stopped. 

crocheting. I started a blanket two years ago. still working on it. 

why so I start things then give them up? I’m hoping to stop the cycle of not following through. I want to follow thru on losing weight. I’m trying to be good. exercising everything day. but the lack of motivation and the verge of stopping is creeping in. I’m worried. 

I’m gonna get off here and go walk!